2023   Outstanding achievement by ARIS 2023 Kopitar AN, Repas J, Janžič L, Bizjak M, Tanjšek Vesel T, Emeršič N, Zajc Avramovič M, Ihan A, Avčin T and Pavlin M, Alterations in immunophenotype and metabolic profile of mononuclear cells during follow up in children with multisystem inflammatory syndrom (MIS-C). Frontiers in Immunology Vol 14, 2023  in field of Medicine year 2023

2013    The results of the project “Analysis of functionalization and mobility of magnetic nanoparticles in vitro for application in biomedical applications”,  PI Vladimir Boštjan Bregar were selected as outstanding achievement by ARRS in year 2013

2007    Mojca Pavlin  Luigi Galvani award of the International Bioelectrochemical Society for the exceptional achievements of young scientists in the field of bioelectrochemistry [article in Delo newspaper]

PhD students

2022 Jernej Repas Krka’s – prize for a doctoral thesis “Effects of Metformin and 2-deoxy-D-glucose on MDA-MB-231 Cells and Model T Lymphocytes in vitro”  (mentor: assist. prof. dr. Mojca Pavlin, Co-mentor: prof. dr. Armin Gerger, MD)

2019 Maruša Bizjak Krka’s – prize for a doctoral thesis “ Effect of metformin on cancer cells in vitro as a function of the available nutrients”  (mentor: assist. prof. Mojca Pavlin, PhD)

2015  Jasna Lojk Krka’s prize for a doctoral thesis, a prize yearly awarded to the best research works in the fields of sciences and technologies connected to pharmaceutical industry in Slovenia (mentor: assist. prof. Mojca Pavlin, PhD)



2022   Maja Vodlan  Krka’s  special preise for the research project “Effect of metformin on mitochondrial biogenesis of breast cancer cells MDA-MB-231 under in vitro conditions”

2021   Maja Vodlan  Prešern award of Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana for the research project “Effect of metformin on mitochondrial biogenesis of MDA-MB-231 cells”

2021   Tadeja Snedec Krka’s prize for a master thesis “Optimization of liposome preparation and their pharmaceutical applicability”

2021   Petra Piber  Prešern prize of Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana for the research project “Analysis of metformin on growth and activation of Jurkat cell for different nutrients levels”

Poster awards

2013    Best poster presentation award (7th Conference on Experimental and Translational Oncology, CETO 2013) for poster Comparison of magnetic nanoparticles uptake in two cell lines from authors Jasna Lojk, Vladimir Boštjan Bregar, Peter Veranič and Mojca Pavlin

2012    BioNanoNet best poster award (9th International Conference on Nanosciences & Nanotechnologies, NN12 2012) for poster Visualization of internalization pathways of polyacrylic acid functionalized cobalt ferrite nanoparticles and their intracellular fate from authors Jasna Lojk, Maruša Stražišar, Vladimir Boštjan Bregar, Vid Šuštar, Peter Veranič and Mojca Pavlin.

2002    Katja Kotar and Urška VehovecGolden recognition award (2. place) for research in the field of electrical engineering at the 2002 National meeting of younger researchers (mentors: Mojca Pavlin, Gorazd Pucihar, Jasmina Rome and Damijan Miklavčič)